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HardPoint Screw and Nut Set (Pack of 8)

HardPoint Screw and Nut Set (Pack of 8)



HardPoint® is a series of accessories that screw into our double grommets and provide various functionality from adding loops, valves, wire passages, and lights, to mounting extra pouches and utility panels. They will work on any of our hard shells and soft bag grommets (and on molle webbing!) The screws/nuts are part of the system. Use these as spares or replacements for your HardPoint® accessories or as a full set to put on your HardPoint® Rail set, which needs 8 screw/nut sets, if you are using 4 Stop Gap rubber backers on the interior of the pack.


-screws into the hard shells & soft double grommets on our bags
-use as spares or replacements to work with our HardPoint® accessories
-can be used to screw in our Beavertail™ (sold separately) to a Pillbox™ or Blastwall™ pack
-can also be used to screw in our HardPoint® Gear Rails (sold separately) to a Pillbox™ or Blastwall™ pack

What's Included:
-8x Screws (12x4 mm)
-8x Nuts (4 mm)

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