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HardPoint® Gear Rail (pack of 2)
  • HardPoint® Gear Rail (pack of 2)



    These patent pending Hazard 4® exclusive add-on’s to our shell packs (Pillbox™ or Blastwall™) allow for the rock solid mounting of hardware and loads thereby expanding the usability of the pack shell greatly. They screw into the top and bottom HardPoint® grommets (screws and backers not included) and will allow the strapping down of helmets, skateboards, firearms, jackets, etc. between them using our optional bungee cords, 1” straps, paracord, etc. This is done by the variety of thoughtful slots and holes molded into the tough nylon construction. The slots are also designed to work with popular holster screw systems for the attaching of various index, nylon and leather holsters for knives, machetes, axes, radios, magazines, etc. The various holes and slots can accommodate photographic 1/4 20” screws to mount action cameras, articulating arms, lights, external battery packs, etc. And the relief groove on the back means that the screws or nuts will not stick out the bottom or catch on anything.

    The user can come up with all sorts of home designed accessories to place between the rails such as netting, drone landing pads, fishing rod holders, etc. - the imagination is the limit! Placement for whatever you desire to attach to the rails can be marked or recorded on the metric and imperial rulers marked into the rails, which can also be used to measure lengths of cordage, fish, hardware, etc. Regarding hardware, the mounting screws sit flush in their moldings so there is no metal to catch your hands on or ding up surfaces with. The large loops molded into each rail are included for clipping larger gage hardware through such as carabiners, and thicker ropes. They can also be used for fast lashing systems or to lock the pack to a stationary object via cable lock. The rails come in three colors including high visibility orange to ensure being noticed at night or on work sites. They can also easily be spray painted to different colors or patterns such as camouflage, or a safety/team pattern.


    -To install both the Beavertail and the rails: You would need to attach the two items to the
       pack without the stop gap kit. The nuts are big enough that they won't slip through the holes
       on the inside of the packs and with both items there is no need to fill in space with the SG1s.

    - 2x Rail

    Color: Black
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