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Canada's Premiere Laser Cleaning Equipment Outfitter and Service Provider

Rope access professionals love the Needle for its portability

Engineered by Users

The Netalux Needle, Jango, and stationary lasers

Available in 100/150 Watt or 200/300 watt models

Our compact, award-winning Needle is an industry-proof, air-cooled laser cleaning machine with a Gaussian "needle-shaped" pulse.

Needle is able to clean small to mid-sized objects with a satisfying speed. 
Users can apply a slight roughening to the substrate, only when required.

Typical applications for Needle are:

  • Weld (pre-) cleaning


  • Tool cleaning (molds, mechanical elements)


  • Selective paint removal 


  • Inspection (NDT, penetrant)


Side profile of the Needle 300 Standing

This big boy is your new best friend when time is of the essence! The top-hat shaped pulse enables incredible surface speeds while avoiding substrate damage. The internal water cooling ensures a wide range of operational temperatures, combined with 50m long process fiber you can take Jango anywhere you want. 

Typical applications for Jango are:

  • Mold cleaning


  • Coating removal


  • Tank cleaning


  • Turbine cleaning


The Jango cable storage in the figure 8 ensures not tangling
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Need something laser clean?


Concrete and stone can be restored using lasers. Able to clean softly, removing stains of carbon, paint, grease from timeless pieces is now possible with the Needle 100

Cleaning Concrete with a netalux laser


Our lasers are perfect for removing paint, coatings, grease and rust at rates as fast as 15m² / hour

Turbine cleanining in situ with no damage or mess


Laser is the perfect tool to remove toxic contaminants. There is no secondary waste or turbulence, resulting in  a highly controllable process in combination with good suction.

Toxic Contamination Removal


Do you have an interesting challenge or idea?

We're here to help!

Whether you are looking for help with cleaning, a process, or if you are looking to purchase equipment,

please reach us by phone, email, or contact form!

Phone: 705-805-2737


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